Malibu Tour: Romantic Escape

Da USD US$ 495,00
  • Durata: 5 Ore (circa)
  • Luogo: Los Angeles, CA


  • Add Passenger - $99
  • Basic Protection - $49
  • Premium Protection - $89
  • Professional Photo-shoot - $99


The 5-hour Driving tour begins in the heart of Hollywood on the famous Sunset boulevard or at your hotel - depends on your choice. You choose your car from the Top line of world best Convertibles. On the tour you will be driving a car and follow a tour guide. You will get on the top of Hollywood Hills enjoy breathtaking views of Los Angeles and San-Fernando Valley.

In Beverly Hills area you will absorb a luxury atmosphere on wide streets surrounded by tall palm trees and giant mansions. In a beautiful Pacific coast line you will enjoy 27 miles of scenic route with golden California’s beaches in a top down dream convertible. There is plenty of time to enjoy the dream car you choose on windy canyon roads of Malibu. Corral Canyon will take you to the top of Santa-Monica mountains to the Malibu Overlook where you can see the panoramic view of Los Angeles bay including Catalina and Channel islands. 

During the tour you will have few stops at the most amazing places for the opportunity to take pictures with the car and breathtaking views. One of them will be the stop at the famous El Matador Beach where Hollywood stars have advertising photo shoots.